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Intimate network of industry leaders working together to create change and drive impact

What to Expect

Confidential, safe space discussions

Peer support for IDEA-related issues

Accountability system

Leaders sharing insights

Exposure to diverse perspectives

Practice inclusive leadership skills

Learning & Collaboration Hub access


Colorful Connections‘ Equity Cohorts are a dynamic network of change agents on the front lines with diversity-related work and in a position to influence change within their organization. Program participants are matched with intimate cohorts for support with DEI goals and facilitated safe spaces to learn from and share openly with others who are navigating similar challenges in HR, recruiting, and DEI-related roles. 

In addition to monthly meetings, members connect and collaborate asynchronously through our Learning & Collaboration Hub. Members-only spaces allow you to learn with, from, and alongside others, and exchange insights and best practices. In addition to all-member spaces, individual groups receive private spaces to coordinate meet-ups, get real-time help from peers, exchange notes, share wins, and more!

Equity Cohorts are available exclusively as annual memberships, reflecting our commitment to nurturing a safe space for members grappling with complex issues. Open and candid dialogue, along with the freedom to ask vulnerable questions, is paramount. Building relationships to foster familiarity and trust is essential, and this process naturally unfolds over time.


Hire the right people throught an inclusive mindset and approach

Screenshot 2024-05-01 204703.png


Cultivate inclusive culture to improve retention and maximize performance

Screenshot 2024-05-01 204713.png


Create impact with

targeted assessments

and action plans

Screenshot 2024-05-01 204736.png


Maintain progress and uphold commitments for meaniful impact

ABOUT COLORFUL CONNECTIONS: we partner with leaders to ATTRACT and RETAIN diverse team, GROW inclusive, and SUSTAIN momentum with  intentional support

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