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Colorful Connections helps organizations reflect
the diversity of their modern consumer market.

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Colorful Connections is a diversity and equity recruiting and retention firm. 

  • We help leaders Attract, Retain, Grow, and Sustain diverse and inclusive teams with a built-to-last mindset, like the stability offered by a three-legged stool. 

  • We are a social enterprise, meaning our decisions, structure, and practices are focused on creating social justice, as well as profit. 

  • Colorful Connections is WBE & MBE Certified. 


OUR VISION is to create workplaces and teams that reflect the look, mindset, and values of our evolving society.   


OUR MISSION is to help organizations and people become better versions of themselves, while supporting the advancement of professionals from historically marginalized communities.  



On average for our clients, we expand sourcing pools by 233%.
Of candidates we have placed 73% are BIPOC and 66% identify as Black. 
Candidate slates presented for consideration are on average 60% BIPOC.


Referrers in our network


Candidates in our database

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We are creative problem solvers.  

We transform problems into opportunities. And we don't present a problem without a solution or path forward.  

We are a supportive team that cares.

You're never flying solo when you're with us. That's because we care - about each other, about you, about doing a good job, and about the work that we do.  

We show up as ourselves and we see vulnerability as a strength. 

We are human and we’re here to celebrate that. We recognize that there are many ways of thinking and it’s okay to be vulnerable to ask for what is needed in order to succeed. 

Be genuine and intentionally inclusive.

Go out of your way because it's the right thing to do, and because it's the smart thing to do.

Judgement free zone 


This phrase isn’t just for gyms! We encourage open dialogue, asking questions, and learning! We listen without judgment and are ready to meet people where they are at.  

We believe in self-motivation and self-management.  

When you want to do something, you'll do it. And when you have the right guidance, you'll do it well.  That is, as long as trust and accountability are preserved and encouraged. 

It's rad to be R.A.D. 


Responsive. Approachable. Dependable. Yup, that's how we roll. 

We help underestimated and underrepresented talent rise in a legal and equitable way.  

It’s so important to us, we worked with employment lawyers to create a proprietary strategy for recruiting diverse candidates – fittingly called the Colorful Connections Hiring Model! 


Diversity looks different to each organization but bottom line, research proves diverse teams are key to an organization's ability to remain competitive, innovative and profitable.



Fusing communications marketing and DEI for transformational change within organizations. 

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