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Cut through the cluttered web of information and access a curated selection of meaningful and relevant content from community members.

What to Expect

Handpicked Resources

Trusted and Relevant Content

Diverse Collection of Material

Learning & Collaboration Hub access

Vibrant Learning Community

Monthly Ideas to Celebrate Culture

Unlimited Webinars (SHRM + HRCI certfied PDCs)

Say goodbye to the endless search for reliable information. With Colorful Connections‘ Community Library, you can bypass the noise and dive straight into a handpicked collection of trusted resources, guides, and insights to elevate your game, and achieve your IDEA goals. 

Community-curated resources harness the collective wisdom and perspectives of its members, including contributors from various backgrounds and industries, enriching the selection with diverse viewpoints and knowledge domains.

Bookmark the Community Library for your new go-to. You're not just accessing information; you're tapping into a dynamic network of knowledge seekers and sharers. Members also receive access to all offerings from the Essential Resources plan


Hire the right people throught an inclusive mindset and approach

Screenshot 2024-05-01 204703.png


Cultivate inclusive culture to improve retention and maximize performance

Screenshot 2024-05-01 204713.png


Create impact with

targeted assessments

and action plans

Screenshot 2024-05-01 204736.png


Maintain progress and uphold commitments for meaniful impact

ABOUT COLORFUL CONNECTIONS: we partner with leaders to ATTRACT and RETAIN diverse team, GROW inclusive, and SUSTAIN momentum with  intentional support

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