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Celebrating Culture Calendar April 2024

April is more than just a month on the calendar—it's a chance to celebrate the myriad of cultures, traditions, and perspectives that make our world vibrant. Let's embrace diversity and create a space where everyone feels valued and respected. 

Here’s our curated list of celebrations and observances for the month. From affiliate dates to religious observances and cultural celebrations, we've got you covered. But remember, it's not just about marking the dates; it's about understanding the history and significance behind them. 

  1. Celebrate Diversity Month

  2. Arab American Heritage Month

  3. Autism Acceptance Month

  4. Stress Awareness Month

  5. National Child Abuse Prevention Month

  6. Sexual Assault Awareness Month

  7. April 2: World Autism Awareness Day

  8. April 6: Laylat al-Qadr (Muslim)

  9. April 9: Eid al-Fitr / end of Ramadan (Muslim)

  10. April 12: National Day of Silence

  11. April 20: Start of Riḍván (Baha'i)

  12. April 22: Earth Day

  13. April 22: Passover begins (Christian)

  14. April 24: Denim Day

  15. April 30: Passover ends (Christian)

Once you have a comprehensive calendar,

  • Post it in a central location where others can see it internally and highlight notable dates at the beginning of each month.

  • Be mindful of language and decorations.

  • Allocate time and resources to expand your knowledge.

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