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Celebrating Culture Calendar March 2024

Each month, Colorful Connections celebrates culture by compiling a list of celebrations and observances for all employers and professionals dedicated to DEI efforts to know, acknowledge, and share with their networks.

Always keep in mind the history and significance behind these religious observances, cultural celebrations, and acknowledgment dates.

  1. National Women’s History Month

  2. Gender Equality Month

  3. Disability Awareness Month

  4. Greek American Heritage Month

  5. Irish American Heritage Month

  6. March 1: Employee Appreciation Day

  7. March 2: World Teen Mental Wellness Day

  8. March 8: International Women’s Day

  9. March 10 - Ramadan begins (Muslim)

  10. March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

  11. March 23-24: Purim (Jewish)

  12. March 24: Palm Sunday

  13. March 25: Holi (Hindu)

  14. March 25: The International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

  15. March 31: Easter Sunday

  16. March 31: César Chávez Day

  17. March 31: International Transgender Day of Visibility

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