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20 Lessons for 2020

Many of us are ready to say goodbye to 2020, leaving every ounce of this horrid year behind us. Well, almost every ounce.

Here are 20 lessons that we learned in 2020, and we'll take with us into 2021, to become even better versions of ourselves:

  1. Always have a contingency plan.

  2. Remain flexible - even your contingency plan might not work as planned.

  3. Just because you can be on back-to-back virtual meetings, doesn’t mean you should.

  4. We all have a learning curve with technology and working virtually. And it’s okay to admit that.

  5. Online classes are a great way to invest in yourself and quickly learn new skills.

  6. As our founder would say: “Take a break or you’ll have a breakdown.”

  7. Being busy doesn’t equate to success, and slowing down doesn’t mean you aren’t working hard.

  8. Change is hard but it can be a good thing and lead to important discoveries.

  9. Leading with empathy has never been more important.

  10. Listen to understand.

  11. Giving ourselves and each other grace, understanding we are all perfectly imperfect.

  12. Being an ally requires intentionality and action.

  13. It’s important for teams to be able to have open conversations about race and diversity at work.

  14. It’s okay to be vulnerable, even at work.

  15. It’s okay to ask for help -- it’s how we grow!

  16. Expand your perspective and knowledge by selecting different books and podcasts.

  17. To stay connected, we must be intentional about it.

  18. Trust is key when working from home - there’s a balance with check-ins and trusting team members to work at their own pace.

  19. It’s just as important to celebrate the small wins as it is to celebrate the big ones.

  20. Together, we can do anything -- this may be the phrase of the year and for good reason. We have all had unique challenges and with the support of each other, we survived 2020 and will emerge stronger in the year ahead!

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