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3 Simple Tweaks to Your Daily Routine That Boost Creativity & Performance

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

“About 40% to 45% of what we do everyday sort of feels like a decision, but it’s actually habit.”

-Charles Duhigg


Everyone has moments of being on autopilot. When your habits and routines just take over.

Listening to the news in the morning. Chit chat with colleagues over a mid-afternoon break. Typical go-tos for creative inspiration with a brainstorm.

Since we know routines are behaviors that become ritualized over time, let’s shake things up!

A little shake goes a long way, so read on for three simple tips to ….

activate creativity in new ways,

embrace fresh ideas, and

drive purposeful change in your career.

1. Diversify Your Brain Food

What does your mind consume on a daily, weekly and monthly basis? Mix up your selection and you’ll naturally learn something new.

A business or trade magazine can give a fresh perspective on your client’s needs and priorities. Expand your horizons with a new Podcast about quirky inventions, unique destinations or a culture you’re curious to learn more about. And instead of the typical brunch spot, head out with friends to see the new art exhibit in town.

2. Automate Your 5-Year Career Plan

First of all, if you don’t have a three or five-year plan, make one. This is important!

Secondly, it’s great to have goals, but what’s even more important is how you set your goals. Psychologist and author Richard Wiseman recommends step-by-step plans to ensure you work toward your goals.

You can make it easy on yourself by taking advantage of technology. Apps like and GoalsOnTrack allow you to break down goals into measurable milestones, and they’ll do the tracking for you.

3. Add A Dash of “Yes, And…” To Your Morning Coffee

Many creatives are familiar with “Yes, and …”. Improv techniques that help spark creative thinking by riffing off of another’s idea. (Read HERE for more on that.)

Apply this technique throughout your day by adding a little “Yes, And …” into meetings and convos with colleagues. (And even at home!) Take a suggestion, and even if it’s different from what you’re used to, expand upon that thinking. The whole idea might not work but try latching onto one aspect of an idea, and see where that leads and what new ideas you uncover.

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