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3 Ways To Love What You Do

Brave Lil’ Convos is our monthly series, which equips people with the skills, tools, and vocabulary to partake in brave conversations in the workplace. Thank you to those who could join us for February’s session, featuring Ashley S Jordan, Director of Arts & Cultural Programming for Black Arts MKE and Founder and CEO of Soulful Juice. We engaged in an interactive session on Black Excellence: Love What You Do to improve your search for a new career, career switch, or strive for a promotion.

Here is a takeaway of key points of what we discussed:

  • Make the connection between your strengths and passion by translating it into a skill set.

  • Set boundaries that help guide you to a career that fits your needs early in the job seeking process.

  • Be comfortable with being uncomfortable in expanding your knowledge and skills.

To sign up for our next session, visit the registration link here for March 13th, where we will be discussing influential women making inspirational changes within their communities.

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