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Client Spotlight: Safe and Sound

A Q&A with Executive Director, Bridget Robinson-Whitaker 

Colorful Connections is proud to be partnering with Safe and Sound, Inc. (for purposes of this article, S&S) in their search for a Deputy Director -Strategic Partnerships. The Deputy Director will partner closely with the ED to chart Safe & Sound’s strategic response to organizational and sector challenges and plays a critical role as a counselor, advisor and strategic thought-partner for the Executive Director. 

S&S is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to improving safety in challenged Milwaukee’s neighborhoods. Their work is primarily done through:  

1. partnerships with law enforcement 

2. community organizing  

3. youth development 

They unite residents, youth, law enforcement and community resources to build safe and empowered neighborhoods. 

We could not be more thrilled to be conducting this search for their next great leader who will enable their small but mighty team to develop to the next level, while serving the community. To gain deeper insight as to what they are all about, especially as it pertains to DEI (Diversity, Equity Inclusion), Lead Talent Connector, Rosa Fowlkes, spoke with Bridget. We hope this Q&A will provide those interested in supporting S&S with valuable insight, as well as those who are considering applying for the role.   


Q1: What does DEI mean to S&S, or how is DEI defined there? 

A1: Safe & Sound serves residents across the City of Milwaukee and now Racine and as a result – we seek to ensure that we employ a diverse team of leadership and neighborhood organizers who provide an array of lived experiences, cultural competencies and diverse backgrounds to be able to understand, relate and best offer sustainable resources to empower communities. We are intentional about our efforts to identify talent that will add value to our shared sense of an inclusive work environment. 


Q2: What positive outcomes or benefits have you seen because of S&S’s commitment to DEI? 

A2: As a result of our commitment to DEI, Safe & Sound has been able to embody a diverse informed approach to our care of community in a way that allows residents and youth alike to feel seen, heard and valued. We are unable to become trusted partners if we are not amplifying the voices of those that we serve and we know that relationships cannot be built when we are not allowing room for everyone to bring their true self to the work of collective efficacy. 


Q3: What does GW MKE do now, or hope to do for employees from diverse backgrounds and identities to feel like they have a voice just as much as others? 

A3: The best way that we know how to amplify voices is for creating a work environment that mirrors our core values. Support, Transparency, Authenticity, Collaboration, Integrity and Excellence (S.T.A.C.I.E.) is the north star for how we lean into opportunities for staff have a shared lens for living out the mission. We encourage the team through our daily operations to be responsible for using their voices to champion safe neighborhoods. We seek to foster a workplace that by way of our team meetings, our employee engagement surveys, and our Social Wellness committee ensures every member of our team feels a part of the change we hope to live out in our vision. 


Learn more about Safe and Sound, Inc.  


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