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Conducting Annual Reviews With Confidence

Brave Lil’ Convos is our monthly series, which equips people with the skills, tools, and vocabulary to partake in brave conversations in the workplace. Thank you to those who could join us for October’s session, featuring CEO, Executive Leadership Coach, and speaker Paula Rauenbuehler of Leading UP! We engaged in a special session on common challenges, tips and guidance, and goal-tracking regarding annual reviews. Here is a takeaway of key points and court rulings for those couldn’t attend the discussion:

  • Focus on trends, not specifics.

  • Common challenge: inability to communicate.

  • Common fear: employees resisting change.

  • Comparing employees is neither standard nor appropriate.

  • There are external influences, i.e., imposter syndrome or fear of damaging a work relationship.

  • Confidence, anxiety, bias, and managing emotions are also influences.

  • Ask yourself: who, what, what if, where, when will we?

  • Another ask: how do I do better at offering feedback?

These are just some points addressed in our previous Brave Lil’ Convos session. To sign up for our next session, visit the registration link here for November 15th, where we will be discussing Native/Indigenous people’s thoughts on Thanksgiving. More details to come!

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