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Cultural Pride at Colorful Connections

October is rich in pride and heritage, with many cultural observances taking place this month. Many community members celebrate their heritage, whether it be Italian, Filipino, Polish, or German-American.

In light of this, we asked our team members at Colorful Connections: "What about your cultural heritage are you most proud of?" Read below for their responses.

“It's hard to pick one thing that I'm most proud of, but I'll share a theme that I celebrate: our layered flavor. I love our contagious and non-monolithic style, smarts, savviness, and swag. Even when we haven't received credit, the Black community has always been influential catalysts and trendsetters. And on a true flavor note, celebrating my Creole roots through cooking - gumbo is a serious conversation in my family, and I'll admit I can be a tough critic. No soups allowed.”

-Morgan Phelps (she/her,) CEO, Founder

“I am very proud of my Mexican descent. Both of my grandparents immigrated to the U.S. and raised their children with the language, culture, and food of Mexico. Our food is cultural, our food is a form of entertainment, and our food brings family together. Whether it be certain values or forms of art, my culture is full of experiences that shaped me to who I am today.”

-Alexandra Ortega (they/them), Project & Communications Coordinator

“I am so very proud to be a Black Multiethnic American, allowing me to have special insights into many different cultures. In the dominant cultures on each side of my lineage, song, and dance are significant cultural aspects! I find that song and dance is a universal language that has allowed me to traverse between and within cultures, even within my multiethnic background.”

-Kobena-Marcus J. Collins (he/him), Collaboration Expert

“I am proud of my Mexican heritage because we work hard and do not give up in all we do. When you look at our culture and are looking for key characteristics, hard work is a common theme that comes up. We do not give up when things get hard and take pride in doing a good job within our work. These values apply to all I do for myself and others.”

-Rosa Fowlkes (she/her), Lead Talent Connector

Highlighting cultural heritage in the workplace is essential to creating a more inclusive work environment. A diverse workforce sparks diverse thinking. How do you celebrate diversity at work?

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